"The mission of Doulas of Austin is to bridge the gap between clinical care and human care, to work collaboratively with medical providers to provide the compassionate evidence-based care that clients deserve, and to help new families find ease in their birth experience and adjustment to early parenting."

Chiminh Ashton

Owner / Certified Doula


Doulas of Austin provides families with pre and postnatal support through professional, personalized education and doula support.

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About Chiminh

In 2000, owner of Doulas of Austin, Chiminh Ashton began her career doing her hearts work as a maternity nurse. With a desire to care for mothers, babies and families, it was a dream come true.

Over the years while enjoying her work immensely Chiminh longed for a deeper connection with the families she was serving.

“There were so many times that I saw or felt my patients needed more; more time, more comfort, more explanation, more support, more connection, but unfortunately my “to do” list of nursing tasks kept me from fully fulfilling those needs.”

It was this desire that led Chiminh to become a doula. Through her transition into doula work, she has been given the ability to shift from “do”-ing to “be”-ing. Being available. Being supportive. Being present.

With a respect of science and medicine coupled with the softer side of compassionate doula care, Chiminh is elevating the standards of doula care in Austin.


"Chiminh is extremely knowledgeable with her additional experience of being a nurse. Hiring a doula is definitely an investment and in my opinion, one of the best investments that we’ve made." - Cory, birth client husband
"We met with Chiminh for a meet and greet and we knew we could stop looking there. We loved her caring and compassionate nature. She is flexible, open minded and non-judgmental. It is obvious that she does this work from her heart and we are so blessed to have found her." - Ming-Lee, postpartum client
"Chiminh was a calming presence who brought wisdom and knowledge as we prepared for a new and at times intimidating experience. She gave me confidence in myself, which allowed me to do just what I needed to when the time came." - Erika, birth and postpartum client

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