What To Know About Baltic Amber Necklaces For Your Baby

When you have a teething baby, you will do just about anything to ease the pain associated with their irritated gums. You may have heard about a popular teething trend that uses the healing properties of amber to provide relief during the teething stage.

Combining the healing properties of amber  with other traditional comfort measures could help ease your little ones discomfort as their teeth are emerging.

There are a lot of misconceptions and controversy surrounding the amber necklace so we decided to shed some light on this trend so that you can decide if an amber necklace is right for you and your baby.

What is Baltic Amber?

Baltic Amber is a fossilized piece of tree resin that contains specific minerals and succinct acid, otherwise known as dicarboxylic acid which is found in our bodies naturally.

How does amber help teething?

Traditionally, amber has been used as a homeopathic treatment for many things such as boosting the bodies immune system, promote the bodies own healing ability, and relieve pain and anxiety. When in direct contact with the skin, it is said that ones body heat triggers the amber to release a small amount of it’s natural oil. Within that oil is succinct acid which some believe, has analgesic and anti-inflammatory benefits. The natural properties of amber have also been found to combat symptoms like fever, stomach irritation and irritability, which all commonly accompany teething.

Do babies chew on the amber?

NO. Your baby should absolutely not put the amber necklace in their mouths. The beads could come loose and be easily swallowed or choked on. 

Many people think that is the intention of an “amber teething necklace”. However these necklaces are sized to fit around the neck so that even if the your little one tried, they should not be unable to get the necklace in their mouth.

If the necklace can be pulled up and put in your baby’s mouth it is too long. 

Some of the necklaces sold as therapeutic baby products are not built out of strong materials and could become a strangulation or choking hazard. A high quality necklace should be hand knotted between each bead to prevent them from falling off should the string break. Teething necklaces should only be worn for short periods of time, when you can watch your baby with full attention.

They should not be used while your child is asleep or unsupervised. 

Do amber necklaces work for teething babies?

Like anything holistic, amber necklaces are subject to varied opinions. There isn’t much scientific research to support the healing properties of amber, however stones and crystals have been used for centuries for various medical reasons.

Many mothers have reported their teething baby’s general disposition during the teething stage to be significantly better while using “amber necklace sessions” regularly.

Those skeptical about the properties of amber argue that “there can’t possibly be enough chemical properties in the stone to make much of a difference and if there is, should it really be absorbed into my baby’s skin?”

Would you recommend Baltic Amber necklaces for my baby?

We are all for easing the distress of an uncomfortable teething child as long as it is safe for mom and baby. The problem with these necklaces lie in the obvious risks of choking and/or strangulation. If your baby is supervised while wearing their amber necklace, it seems to be a great holistic tool.

On the other hand;

Obviously the dangers of a necklace on your baby is a very real concern. And we certainly aren’t recommending you wrap your baby in strings of beads.

What other gum soothing methods can be used alongside or instead of amber necklace wearing?

You can gently massage sore gums with a clean fingertip, put breast milk, ice, or another favorite frozen food in a mesh teething feeder for them to suck and gnaw on, give them a frozen washcloth soaked in chamomile tea, or look into some of the many other homeopathic remedies available. If your teething situation is particularly difficult, we always encourage you to consult with your child’s doctor for other options.

Why should I consider holistic medicine?

With holistic interventions like the amber necklace, there is often minimal risk or side effects. A simple necklace could calm your child down and ease their symptoms.

Be sure to only purchase an amber necklace from a reputable source and make sure to purchase jewelry for your child that is specifically intended for children.

We understand that soothing your baby is your number one priority.

An amber necklace may be a great option for you if you are searching for a more holistic way to provide some relief.

Disclaimer: Please note that any information presented in this blog and/or Doulas of Austin materials and website is never intended to be a substitute for the medical advice of a properly licensed healthcare professional.