Top 5 Ways to Create a Stimulating Nursery

 Nesting is a huge part of the journey to parenthood and decorating a nursery space is usually at the top of the list.

While most families tend to keep their newborn in there room for the first few months, the nursery will soon become your baby’s primary sleep and play space.

Child development specialists have produced decades of research showing that the environment of a child’s earliest years can have effects that last a lifetime. In fact, a child’s brain doubles in size in the first year, and by three years old, it reaches 80% of it’s adult volume!

You want your nursery to be peaceful, fun and inviting, but by incorporating just a few additional elements you can also create a space that will promote baby’s development and stimulate their curiosity for learning and play.

If you or a loved one has a baby on the way, here are our top 5 favorite ways to outfit a developmentally stimulating nursery.

1.Paint With Contrasting Colors

It’s no mistake that many nurseries feature two contrasting colors with a gentle border through the middle. Using contrasting colors helps your little one distinguish contrast, and start to understand different shapes. Although you should use two different colors in the nursery, avoid severe contrasts like black and white that may become overstimulating to your baby and it can cause them to become fussy or anxious at bedtime.

2. Incorporate Different Textures

Especially as your child grows to crawling and then to walking age, different textures in their nursery space can help them develop sensory cues. Aside from the textures they can feel like different soft rugs and squishy mats, hanging window treatments and upholstered furniture can stimulate your baby visually as well.

3. Incorporate Sound

Sound is very important for development and having different toys that play gentle sounds can help your baby distinguish and mimic different sounds and melodies. A hanging mobile that plays a gentle lullaby or a white noise machine can help your little one settle down for nap time or begin to create their own soothing techniques for sleep.

4. Organization Strategies

When your nursery gets too cluttered, it can make your nursery an overwhelming and overstimulating environment for your baby. Use organizers and pockets behind the door to keep your baby supplies organized, within arms reach and your nursery neat and tidy to keep your little one feeling refreshed in their stimulating space.

5. Bookshelves and Reading Space

When you read to your baby every night, it stimulates language development and welcomes a curiosity for learning. A designated reading space is a great way to unwind for the day or stimulate their curiosity with different stories. You can even keep your book case organized by color for a little extra visual stimulation. 

Creating a stimulating nursery space is easy and fun for parents to be.

During your baby’s first year, they’re developing fast and exploring their brand new world! Using textures and colors is an easy ways to transform and customize your nursery to a unique sleep and play space for your baby.