Summertime Splash Pads in Austin Texas

Summertime in Austin is HOT and with kids, it can make for some very cranky afternoons.

Splash Pads are a great alternative to swimming pools because your little ones can crawl or run around and safely play in the sprinkling water. Luckily, Austin is filled with them! These splash pads also double as a great spot to pack a lunch and have a picnic making them a great choice for a summer day outing.

We looked for some of Austin’s best splash pads with amenities to beat that summertime heat.

Bartholomew Park Splash Pad

Bartholomew Park Splash Pad kicks off our countdown with their all day play schedule, making this splash pad perfect any time of day. Bartholomew has a great variation of sprinklers that you little one will get a kick out of. It’s a safe way to cool off your little guys that aren’t at swimming age yet.

Rosewood Park’s Splash Pad

Rosewood Park’s Splash Pad features a ton of water jets that are timed, encouraging kids to chase the jets of water. This park also has a pool if you want to take a refreshing dip. The kids will love the pirate ship themed playground and tons of huge colorful daisy sprinklers.

Ricky Guerrero Park

Ricky Guerrero Park is a fun choice if you’re looking for a little more shade. This park is a water adventure with all kinds of sprinklers to run through and a big playground as well. The sprinklers are fun shapes and although the park tends to fill up with kids, there’s plenty of room to spread out.

Bailey Park

Bailey Park has a great splash pad with water jets and sprinklers showering water from every angle. This park doesn’t have much shade, but with the most innovative sprinklers in the Austin area the kids don’t seem to mind at all. There are also shaded picnic tables that are perfect for playdates, picnics or parties.

Splash pads are a fun summer alternative to swimming pools and since they are usually accompanied by playgrounds, these parks offer a whole day of activities for your kids. We love that these parks are for all ages and the little ones can walk around safely with no fear of them wading in water that’s too deep.

*Tip: Water shoes are an absolute must for these concrete playgrounds. They’ll help battle slips and protect those little feet from stepping on rocks or burning on the hot pavement.*

Check out some of Austin’s water play areas this summer to keep your family cool in this brutal summer heat.