Virtual Parenting Consultations


Parenting consultations are perfect for families in transition.

  • Ready to start solids?
  • Think your baby might be teething?
  • Not sure how to set a routine for sleep?
  • Time to baby proof your home?
  • Not sure how to implement healthy and effective discipline?
  • Time to start potty training?

During this private Skype or phone consultation, you will receive expert guidance and support from RN/owner of Doulas of Austin. You will have the opportunity to address any question, concern, or challenge that presents itself as you navigate common early parenting transitions.

Parenting is not easy and children don’t come with an operations manual, but by utilizing individual consultations with us, you’ll feel well prepared to make informed parenting choices that are best for YOUR family.




“There is no such thing as a perfect parent so just be a real one.” ~ Sue Atkins

Prenatal Support
March 15, 2016
Birth Support
April 26, 2016