Preparing for Back to School

Where did the summer go?!

Back to school season is around the corner and it’s never too early to change up your daily routine to make this transition a little easier on the whole family.

With all the Austin family adventures during summer break, it’s no wonder how quickly kids can fall out of their school-time routines.

With a newborn in the mix, prepping your kids for back to school can be quite the challenge.

Your postpartum doula is there to support you and to offer a helping hand.

Over the next couple weeks start gearing everyone up for school, taking the shock out of that early morning wake up call on the first day.

Get that sleep schedule together.

Getting your family in bed early is easier said than done, but it will make a big difference when it’s time to wake up bright and early for school. Between the ages of 1 to 6, children need a minimum of 9-14 hours of sleep each day. Making sure your little ones get restful sleep will keep them focused and happy when they return to school.

Your postpartum doula is there to take over newborn care so you can get your older children settled and tucked in to bed. Having some help with baby care frees up time to read a storybook or spend some time relaxing with your children.


Early to bed; Early to rise.

Once your kids are in dreamland, your doula can help you get everything ready for school the night before. Packing lunches, planning outfits, and organizing backpacks can be ready and waiting for your tiny scholars to wake up and catch the bus.

Having everything organized ahead of time will give you some extra time in the morning to have breakfast together and start the day refreshed and energized.

Take a morning time-out.

With a postpartum doula keeping your mornings on track, it frees up some valuable time in the morning to spend some time with your kids. Your baby is in good hands and you’re free to relax with some coffee and walk your precious cargo to the bus stop.

Always send them off with a hug and a kiss and some sweet inspiration for their day. 

Mornings don’t have to be stressful. You’ll wonder how you managed to get your kids through several grades of school without the help of a postpartum doula.

Once your kids are on the bus, you’ll have the opportunity to eat your breakfast, shower and get dressed without having to worry about giving your newborn the care they need.

Juggling back to school season and baby care shouldn’t be stressful!

Having your postpartum doula by your side will minimize the stress and streamline your school routine, having your kids back to school ready in no time.

A little preparation as summer is coming to a close will make all the difference on their big first day.