Perks of a Private Baby Basics Class

So your baby is almost here. 

Finally! You’ve been preparing for this moment for months, getting all the necessary supplies you need to bring home baby.  But what about the practical knowledge of “how” to care for your newborn? It’s important for parents of any experience level to brush up on the latest evidenced based care for your newest bundle of joy.

At Doulas of Austin, we believe that the biggest asset to families bringing home a new little one is our private, in-home baby basics class.

Knowledge is power! 

In many cases these types of classes are held in a larger group environment. Doulas of Austin is excited to offer a one-on-one Baby Basics class in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Why choose private classes?

When you choose private classes, you set the pace for the curriculum. Bringing the class home allows you to ask the questions you want without the pressure of a group environment. Each class includes all the information you and your family want and need and nothing you don’t.

Our class is convenient. 

We know you’re busy and we design your session with that in mind. Having the option to choose a day and time that works for you and your support person is invaluable. Also, this private class takes place in the comfort of home, which is perfect for those uncomfortable last weeks of pregnancy or the early days postpartum.

Our private classes can get the whole family on board.

Parents, siblings and grandparents are encouraged to team up and participate in this class together. Other family members will be excited to be included in learning more about modern baby care and the session doubles as a positive and encouraging bonding experience. Our class can also be gifted to “parents to be” and/or “grandparents to be”. What better gift than the gift education and support?

Experience you can trust.

This class is taught by Chiminh Ashton, a registered nurse with over 16 years of maternity experience. With our private in home baby basics course, you get to have a personal session with a maternity nurse to address all of the questions and concerns you have. Having an instructor with extensive maternity experience gives families access to a broad range of topics and resources for their customized class session.

Group classes just aren’t for everyone. 

You’re searching for the right baby basics curriculum, but a larger seminar setting isn’t for you and that’s completely okay.

We prepare our private class from scratch for each client to ensure their questions and parenting styles are getting the attention they deserve. In the comfort of your own home and free of judgement, parents and extended family can brush up on baby care and gain the confidence and peace of mind needed for bringing home baby.

If you have questions regarding out private class, contact us and together we can craft the perfect session for you.