Back to School Parent Date Night

With the kids back to school, the lazy and carefree days of summertime seem like a distant memory.

Need a break from the chaos? Why not bring the kids to their grandparents’ house or hire a sitter so you can take a day to reconnect with your other half?

Austin is full of date spots for couples. The fact that you have been spending more time preparing snacks and tying shoes than being romantic, means you could use a good old fashioned date night. 

We found some perfect date spots in Austin that parents need to add to their “back to school list.”

Peaceful Start to the Day

You’ve got a long day ahead of you, why not start the day with some meditation.

East Side Yoga is one of the highest rated yoga studios in the Austin area. Doing a yoga session together will allow you to check your stress at the door and give you a boost of refreshing energy.

This Austin yoga studio is warm and welcoming, catering to the needs of every yoga enthusiast from beginner to expert. 

Inhale positive energy and exhale stress.

A Resort Retreat

What better way to kick off your day-long date night with a luxurious couples visit to a spa resort.

The Omni Barton Creek Resort and Spa offers spa services that will whisk away stress and get you and your significant other feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

The spa has an impressive selection of packages that will make you feel like pampered royalty. If you’re expecting, the Omni Barton Creek Spa has an indulgent package specifically designed for expectant mothers.

Before you lounge in the lap of luxury at Omni’s spa, a few rounds of golf are in order. Play a game or two of golf at the resort‘s immaculate courses.

Trendy Winery Trip

Wine fan? Then the Austin Winery is an absolute must.

This unique winery experience is making strides in Austin’s wine culture, offering a locally conscious, sustainable and high quality product.

This urban winery experience is refreshingly down to earth and approachable with a level-headed team of young entrepreneurs. Stop by for a bottle or a tasting and see how this winery is setting a new standard.

Farm to Table Dinner

Eden East offers a delicious menu every weekend on Springdale Farm with sustainable and locally sourced foods. The menu changes each week and is tailored to the available goods from local farms and ranches, ensuring the meals are purely farm to table.

This restaurant is BYOB, so bring along that bottle of wine you picked up at the Austin Winery!

The atmosphere of Eden East is relaxing and casual, the perfect backdrop for you to catch up and spend some quality time together.

When back to school season is in full swing, it can be difficult for parents to devote time together.

Sparking up some romance with a day of Austin adventures will keep you feeling refreshed and relaxed as you tackle the routine of another school year.

Enjoying the little things is important, especially in the company of your special someone.