About Us

Meet the Owner

In 2000, I began my career doing my hearts work as a Registered Nurse on a Labor & Delivery/Postpartum unit.

Over the years, I have worked in maternity in just about every capacity – from hospital nursing to home health, to Child Protective Services, to volunteering in village clinics Internationally, to teaching as a Professor for an RN-BSN program after earning a Masters degree in Nursing.

I eventually came to realize from working so intimately with new families, that there was an enormous need for better preparation for birth and early parenting.

So many women had traumatic birth experiences, which affected their bonding with the newborn, their postpartum recovery, the overall peace and wellbeing (or lack thereof) of the household, and the adjustment to early parenting for the entire family.

In a quest to bridge this gap, I eventually chose to complete a doula certification program.

Starting Doulas of Austin has allowed my team and me to focus on the emotional and psychological components of birth and postpartum in hopes of supporting better outcomes.


In addition to general mother-baby care, I have gained extensive training and experience in the following:

– Evidence-based birth support in the hospital, birth center, and home birth setting
– Postpartum recovery (physical and emotional)
– Care of medically/socially high-risk mothers and babies
– Recognizing and navigating birth trauma
– Recognizing and navigating postpartum mood disorders
– Breastfeeding support/troubleshooting common breastfeeding challenges
– Reading and responding to infant cues
– Newborn sleep including sleep safety and SIDS
– Bonding and cultivating secure attachment
– Shaken Baby Syndrome and Period of Purple Crying
– Fetal/Infant Loss

Meet the Team

At Doulas of Austin, our small group of phenomenal doulas offers professional birth and postpartum support to growing families in Austin, Texas.

I, Chiminh Ashton, have personally selected each member of our team based on their professionalism, education, and experience. Each one of us brings our own unique skill set and perspective to client care so that together, we can offer our clients specialized education and exceptional doula support.

The mission of Doulas of Austin is to bridge the gap between clinical care and human care, to work collaboratively with medical providers to provide the compassionate evidence-based care that our clients deserve, and to help new families find ease in their birth and adjustment to early parenting.